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Carpet Care & Advice.

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Keep your carpet looking great.

Carpets are a significant investment. With regular care and maintenance, you can keep your carpet looking like new for as long as possible. Avoid dirt build up, discolouration and stains with our essential carpet care tips and advice. 

Regular Vacuuming.

Regular cleaning will extend the life of your carpet and maintain its appearance. Vacuum clean regularly and thoroughly.


An upright vacuum cleaner fitted with a rotary beater bar or brushes is recommended for cut-pile carpets but a vacuum only model is a preference for loop pile constructions.


Particular attention should be paid to the treads on stairs. Since it is virtually impossible to use an upright vacuum cleaner a long flexible extension fitted with a stiff brush may be used, always brushing the pile toward the bottom of the stairs including over the nosings.


Alternatively use a stiff handheld brush on the treads, in the same way, collecting the fibres etc by vacuum cleaner hose at intervals.

Spot Cleaning.

In a busy home, with pets, children and visitors, spills and stains are inevitable - but there are ways to minimise any long-term effects of these mishaps. 

Carpets can be cleaned easily and quickly by taking swift action when a spillage occurs. Don't leave any liquids or foods to settle on a carpet. Address spills and stains immediately, don't leave them to dry. 

Blot away any liquid with a clean, white cloth or kitchen towel first, and remove any semi-solid substances with a plastic spatula. 

Don't rub carpets vigorously or oversoak the stain, as this can work stains into the carpet and increase potential for long-term discolouration of the carpet. 

Always work from the outside to the centre of the stain to avoid any spreading. 

Professional Cleaning.

Depending on use, carpets should be professionally cleaned around once every 12 - 18 months. 

This process does more than refresh your carpet, professionals will reapply any stain protectors to your carpet, which can guard from future stains and spills.

Nowadays, modern professional methods leave carpets dry within a matter of hours of being cleaned, so there's no need to book a holiday or family trip away if you want to clean your carpets! 

Steam cleaning also cleans any germs, grime and bugs that may be residing in your carpet, that a vacuum will never be able to remove, so it's the best way to get them fully hygenic.

Always remember to use a fully trained and insured carpet cleaner. 

Take advantage of our complimentary estimating service. 

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