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Vinyl Floor Care & Advice.

Vinyl flooring - how to care for vinyl floor in your home - Christchurch Carpets

Keep your vinyl floor looking great.

One of the best things about vinyl flooring is how easy it is to maintain. To enjoy your new vinyl flooring for as long as possible, it's best to look after it. Once it's been installed, regular cleaning and simple strategies will ensure it looks as good as new for many years to come.

Use entrance mats.

One of the lowest maintenance flooring options out there, vinyl flooring doesn't take  much to maintain its look & keep it appearing as new. 

Simply using an entrance mat at front and back doors can reduce the amount of dirt and dust brought into your home and onto your floors by up to 70%! This will also save you time on mopping and sweeping. 


The front and back doors are also the highest traffic areas of any home, so adding a doormat will help to protect any wear and tear that might display in these areas sooner than another. 

Sweeping & mopping.

Sweeping, mopping and wiping over vinyl floors on a daily basis is sufficient for keeping them clean.


Removing any dust or debris with a soft broom on a regular basis will ensure the surface won't get damaged. 

You don't need any hard, abrasive cleaners to maintain a vinyl floor - in fact, in some instances, this can do more harm than good! To preserve the finish of a vinyl flooring, simply use a neutral floor cleaner, or mop with warm water. 

Remove any spillages as they happen to give your floor all the TLC it needs. 

Lift, don't drag.

Protect your vinyl floor from scratches caused by making sure you never drag furniture or heavy equipment across it. It may cause unnecessary (and unrepairable) damage. 

Place rugs or mats under areas that may get a lot of wear, such as under desks or dining tables, to protect the finish for longer. 

Use floor protectors on the feet of chairs or stools that may be dragged along the floor to protect from scratches or heavy wear. 

Avoid items with casters on the bottom; double-wheel casters are safer for the floor than single if you must use items with casters.

Take advantage of our complimentary estimating service. 

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