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Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor Care & Advice.

LVT Floor Care & Advice | Luxury Vinyl Tiles | Christchurch Carpets

How to look after LVT flooring.

Luxury vinyl flooring is wonderfully simple to clean and many floors will require little more than a regular brush and mop, however there are some key things to remember when looking after an LVT floor. Read on to discover the do's and don'ts when it comes to looking after your luxury vinyl tiles. 

LVT Flooring -
The Do's

  • Use a soft broom daily to sweep up any dust or debris from your floor & avoid any potential damage.

  • Use a simple flat head spray mop at least once a week, with a pH neutral cleaner. 

  • Get your LVT floor fitted properly. Substandard fitting could compromise the finish and the lifespan of your new floor. 

  • Use floor protectors & furniture pads on chairs & larger pieces of furniture to avoid damage and scratches if they move on the floor.

  • Lift don't drag - don't drag heavy furniture on your flooring. It could scratch and dent your flooring causing irreversible damage. 

  • Wipe up spills and potential stains immediately with a soft, clean cloth. 

  • Use door mats to reduce the amount of dust and dirt brought into the house from the outside. 

LVT Flooring -
The Don'ts

  • Don't use any wax based products on LVT flooring. It can make them slippery & dull the overall finish of the flooring.

  • Don't use heavy chemical cleaning products. Anything designed to make your floor 'shine' will leave a residue on the floor, which will cause it to dull.

  • Avoid using hard scrubbing brushes & abrasive materials as these could scratch your LVT. Choose a soft bristle brush or microfibre cloth instead.

  • If you do vacuum your floor, ensure the carpet beater brush is removed or switched off. Leaving this spinning could cause damage to the surface of the floor.

  • Don't use a steam mop. The heat and moisture can cause your flooring to lift from the sub floor & cause irreversible damage.

  • Too much water left on your LVT could also cause damage by destroying the glue & causing the corners to curl & become loose. 

  • Don't use furniture castors. They can cause dents and damage from repetitive movement. Use felt pads or rugs instead.

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